AdderLink IP

High Speed KVM over IP. Designed jointly with Real VNC the ADDERLink IP provides multi platform remote access to computers and servers in data centers & remote offices.

The ADDERLink IP is also ideal to connect to any analog KVM switch adding reliable KVM over IP functions. Providing remote Keyboard, Video and Mouse access via IP to your current KVM switch, the ADDERLink IP allows management of computers from anywhere in the world securely and remotely via the Internet, dial-up link or corporate network.

The ADDERLink IP doesn't need any software to be loaded on your servers and is easy to set up and use. The ADDERLink IP supports the Real VNC client software that, unlike HTTPS web browsers, is specifically designed for secure, high performance KVM over IP applications. The ADDERLink IP integrates with your existing KVM infrastructure for a cost effective global management tool.


Independent operation

Gives full control even during boot up, BIOS level or computer crash states. The ADDERLink IP will work even if the controlled devices are not.

High video performance

The ADDERLink IP can use a standard web browser but for superior graphical performance Real VNC is used. Free of the limitations of HTTPS, Real VNC greatly enhances video performance.


Employing enterprise grade security (using AES 128 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit public key authentication) as standard, the ADDERLink IP is further enhanced by the use of Real VNC, allowing for the creation of ciphered user communications.

User management

Knowing who does what and when is crucial for any remote access service. The ADDERLink IP can create up to 16 user profiles each defines user access rights. Each user's activity is recorded and time stamped. The resulting log can be exported for historical review.

Power control

When attached computers crash or require resetting often the only solution is to power them off and back on again. The ADDERLink IP allows for the integration of power switching devices that can be control through the user interface.

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