Control System for Video Walls, Displays, Workstations, KVM, Consoles and Sources

V-MultiControl allows users to select a source and switch it to all displays at workstations and in video walls. In addition, every source can be displayed enlarged across clusters of displays or the entire video wall. For control room applications keyboard, mouse, audio, and serial signals can also be integrated and switched together with video signals.

LCD video wall & displays control V-MultiControl

- video wall control
- control displays at multiple locations
- control workstations and KVM consoles
- freely switch sources
- control across large distances
- DVI, HDMI, VGA and other video signals
- USB & PS/2 for keyboard and mouse
- Audio and serial signals supported
- switching in real time
- operation in real time
- optionally redundant system for 24/7 use
- intuitive operation via realistic GUI or hotkeys


Switching of video, audio, keyboard & mouse

In addition to video signals, V-MultiControl can switch audio, keyboard, and mouse of all computer sources connected. At operator workstations a single keyboard and mouse is used to access and operate any computer in the system. Errors immediately are detected and can directly be solved.

Intuitive operation via GUI

V-MultiControl is operated intuitively through the Graphic User Interface (GUI). The GUI pictures all displays at workstations and in video walls of the installation. The user immediately knows how to relate a display in the GUI to its display in the real installation. Via Drag & Drop a source can comfortably be switched from a display to any other display (unless it is prohibited for security reasons).

Controlling the video wall

Using V-MultiControl video walls can be operated and controlled. A "click" in the GUI switches the video wall to an entire large image or to multiple fullscreen images or to partial images across display clusters. The user can switch a source from the video wall to his workstation display or to any other display in the system at any time.

Highly reliable switching in real time

The switching happens in real time. It does not depend on any network performance. And it is independent from distances between sources in server rooms and displays and consoles in the control room. V-MultiControl is highly reliable and fully performs even at large distances. All systems and components can be setup redundantly. V-MultiControl is made for 24/7 use.

More information on V-MultiControl upon request:

Email: info@hetec.de    and   Tel.: 0049 / (0)89 / 89 43 67 0


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