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Multiviewer KVM Switch

Control Room Technology

Control rooms are where the hardware and software that execute processes critical to operating reliability are monitored and controlled on a continual basis. This reduces response times and allows any problems to be resolved as soon as they occur.

HETEC provides customer-specific, turnkey solutions and concepts with cross-vendor product integration for control rooms:

  • Large screen technology
  • Management software for large-screen technology
  • Consolidation of workstation monitors
  • Remote operation of processes, controls, cameras, etc.

HETEC develops and manufactures the following special components for control rooms - "hardware made in Germany":


Four videos/computers simultaneously on a single display - with keyboard and mouse

V-IP VN: VGA over IP extender - video encoder for control rooms and graphic controllers

Video enlarged across multiple displays in the control room

Transmission of high-resolution video to screens in a video wall in 100% real time

V-TRANS I: Digital DVI-D KVM extender - KVM signals extented via optical fibre OF or CATx

V-MultiControl: Control system for video wall, workstations, displays, consoles, KVM, sources

Einzigartige Kontrollraum Lösung - reine Hardware


Every control room solution is tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Let us provide you with the support you need. Take an opportunity to see and test a variety of components and concepts: and +49 (0)89 89 43 67 0


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