Digital Signage

Digital signage is the latest trend for placing digital media content firmly in the public eye. Digital displays, digital advertising and large-screen digital image projections are increasingly being used for promotional purposes in stores, hypermarkets, hotels, public spaces such as railway stations, airports and traffic junctions, and in industrial manufacturing.

Videos from DVD players, computers, and other media players are presented on digital posters, large-screen display devices and a range of new display configurations, allowing media content to be presented in a way that catches the eye as well as the imagination. Use digital signage!

There many different purposes digital signage is used for:

Information – e.g. for train times and flight information at airports

Advertising – e.g. to increase sales in a retail establishment. Digital signage is also used by digital advertising companies that sell space to other merchants/service providers

Improved customer experience – including restaurant waiting areas and supermarkets to reduce waiting time and promote more product information

Influencing customer behaviour – e.g. in retail and food outlets digital signage is used to direct customers to different areas of the store

Brand building - where digital signage is used in video form to build a story around the brand

Corporate environment - by broadcasting information throughout a company over a number of screens within reception areas and canteens

Environment enhancing - to increase the customer experience with the building itself; digital signage panels and video walls are used as new way of art - similar to paintings on the wall -  and provide content to talk about in bars and clubs

HETEC provides the following unique digital signage products:


Video wall controller processor to enlarge video across multiple displays in a video wall – create eye-catching video wall designs and video effects: zoom, switch, mix videos

Four video sources / computers simultaneously on a single screen – with keyboard and mouse control or touch screen

Video transmitted over 400 m in 100% real time – without compression

Dual-link DVI video transmitted over 500 m in 100% real time – without compression

USB signals extended to up to 2000 m – for touch panels, pinpointers, audio, etc.


HETEC also provides other digital signage products:


The Digital Signage-System DiSign extends and distributes video and audio signals in real time up to 300m.

Hardwarebasierte Lösung für Fernzugang und Steuerung über jedes RS-232-Protokollgerät

Simultaneous video display on multiple screens - with audio


We would be glad to let you see and test our other digital signage solutions, too, covering a variety of our components and concepts for digital signage. Just contact us at and +49 (0)89 89 43 67 0


Digital Signage Video Wall

Eye-catcher for media content

Digital Signage Multi viewer

Up to 4 videos on 1 output device

Digital Signage video wall

Video wall in unique designs

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