HETEC Hardware inhouse developments:

V-Switch quad
V-Trans 3X
V-Trans 2X DB
V-Trans USB



HETEC - Hardware "made in Germany"

HETEC Datensysteme GmbH develops hardware in Germany since 1988. All HETEC products are developed and manufactured in Munich. Each product gets tested individually to guarantee the highest level of quality. HETEC hardware is in use all over the world for applications in high-end video, digital signage, server management, control rooms, and KVM switching installations. 

The term "hardware" subsumes all physical components of a data processing system: hardware are devices. Hardware are not only servers and video sources but also all periferic devices like switches, extenders, and displays. 

Hardware devices usually come with software or firmware which is integrated into the hardware. As data processing program the firmware controls and operates the hardware. Hardware and its integrated software are perfectly adjusted to each other to guarantee best performance. Toghether they form an extremly reliable system for use in mission critical 24/7 applications. 

HETEC hardware has an official FCC number which allows the identifications of the manufacturer.


KVM Switch | KVM Extender | DVI KVM Matrix | Multiviewer Multi-Window Video Processor | Video Wall Control
Video Wall Controller | DVI KVM Extender | Dual Link DVI Extender | VGA over IP Extender                                                                          (c) HETEC Datensysteme