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New Multiviewer & Video Wall
Review ISE Amsterdam 2012

Thank you for visiting us at Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam 31.1.-2.2.2011. At Europe´s No.1 show for professional Audio/Video and electronic system integration we launched the new version "XP" of the Multiviewer KVM V-Switch quad. We also showed an eye-catching video wall in the design of a "heart" controlled by V-Match C9 hardware video wall controller.

New Multiviewer V-Switch quad XP at ISE 2012, stand 3C140

At ISE 2012 we launched the new multiviewer KVM switch V-Switch quad XP!
V-Switch quad XP will be the new and additional version of V-Switch quad showing  4 computers simultaneously on 1 display operated with 1 keyboard and 1 mouse or on 1 touch screen. This new additional version provides fluid video performance for all multi images on the display even at highest resolutions of up to 1920x1200@60 incl. Full HD 1080p. Each image can freely be sized and positioned on the display. For overlapping image parts, transparency can be set. In addition to Quad, PiP, and Fullscreen mode, four Custom modes can be saved and quickly activated via front panel buttons, Hotkeys, Hotmouse, Touchscreen, and external serial control devices. V-Switch quad XP can switch Audio input from HDMI sources. Audio can be output from a display with integrated speakers as well as from stand-alone speakers. Several visualisation effects are available for smooth switching of display modes (Quad, PiP, Fullscreen, Custom mode) in presentations, kiosk, and digital signage. The multiviewer KVM V-Switch quad XP features an integrated transparent high-speed USB 2.0 matrix to switch USB peripherals such as cameras, 3D mice, joysticks, printers, and external memory to computer sources connected. The new video processor provides crystal clear and crispy image quality at highest resolutions of up to 1920x1200@60 incl Full HD 1080p at both digital and analog signals.

Multiviewer KVM V-Switch quad II

V-Switch quad II Multiviewer KVM

In addition to launching V-Switch quad XP, we showed the multiviewer KVM switch V-Switch quad II: Since its launch at last ISE 2011 this KVM switch Multiviewer successfully has replaced the former version “V-Switch quad” and has already been installed in many mission critical 24/7 applications worldwide. V-Switch quad II shows up to 4 computers simultaneously on 1 display operated with 1 keyboard and 1 mouse or on 1 touch screen. Its video processor provides crystal clear and crispy image quality at highest resolutions of up to 1920x1200@60 incl. Full HD 1080p in Quad, PiP, Dual, and Fullscreen mode. V-Switch quad II also features the integrated transparent USB 2.0 matrix to switch USB peripherals to computers.
Failsafe hardware since 2004: The product family “V-Switch quad” has successfully been installed in thousands of mission critical 24/7 applications worldwide since 2004. Thousands of customers and partners around the world trust in HETEC hardware quality made in Germany!

Video Wall Design for Digital Signage and Show Control

Video Wall Controller V-Match C9

Visitors of ISE were also surprise by our eye-catching video wall design like a heart
Video wall "heart" design matched "Oktoberfest heart" video content! This unique video wall design was made of different sized displays controlled by the compact V-Match C9 video wall controller. V-Match C9 allows combining any type of display (LCD, Plasma, Projector, Rear Projector, LED panels,...) with different screen sizes and resolutions to design exclusive video wall layouts as an eye-catcher for the presentation of your media content. One unit controls up to 9 displays in a video wall. For more displays in the video wall, V-Match C9 can be cascaded.

V-Match C9 Video Wall Installation Video

PLAY video (wmv 8MB)

At ISE 2012 we also showed the following HETEC hardware made in Germany:

VGA over IP extender for control rooms at ISE 2012

V-IP VN - the VGA over IP extender and video encoder for control room applications. V-IP VN transmits an analog VGA signal to workstations and graphic controllers over internet and WAN/LAN. As pure hardware, it is directly connected to the video output port of the source. No software installation is required on the video source. V-IP VN suits control room applications also because of its automatic re-connect: it allows visualizing the source in its current status on the video wall.

DVI KVM Matrix at Integrated Systems Europe 2012

V-Switch D - the digital DVI KVM matrix switch. Up to 16 users can control up to 32 computers. It can be extended to 1024 KVM ports and/or DVI sources and supports up to 1920x1200@60. V-Switch D can be used as pure DVI video crosspoint switch with brilliant image quality.

DVI KVM Extender at ISE 2012

V-Trans I – the DVI-D KVM extender in various models for all applications: for USB, PS/2, with Audio/Serial, 1 or 2 DVI signals, over CAT, singlemode and multimode fiber.

Thank you for visiting us at Integrated Systems Europe 2012.

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Hardware made in Germany since 1988

Impressions: Video Wall & Multiviewer ISE 2012

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