V-Trans I
DVI KVM Extender – Transmission over CAT and Fiber-Optic

Digital DVI-D KVM extender available in various models for CAT-X or fiber-optic cables


  - DVI-D input/output
  - up to 1920x1200 @60
  - CAT-X or fiber
  - USB or PS/2
  - Audio/Serial option
  - transmission up to 10.000m
  - local console at sender

V-Trans I is a digital transmission system for keyboard, video and mouse signals over CAT or just two multimode (50µ) or two singlemode (9µ) fibers up to 10.000 m. Workstations with digital display, keyboard, mouse, speaker and serial devices can be located far remote from the computer.

Digital DVI KVM Extender in various models

For different lengths of distances this digital DVI KVM extender is available in 3 versions: V-Trans IxC, V-Trans IxM and V-Trans IxS. The version V-Trans IxS is used with two single mode fibers (9/125µ) for distances of up to 10 km. For distances of up to 400 m the version V-Trans IxM is used with two multi mode fibers (50/125µ). The CAT-based extender system V-Trans IxC is used for distances of up to 140 meters.

Installation of the DVI KVM Extender

V-Trans I is an extension system with a sender/transmitter and a receiver unit. The sender unit is connected to the computer/server. The receiver is connected to the console (display keyboard mouse) at the remote workstation. To the sender unit a local console (display keyboard mouse) can be connected to operate the computer locally. CAT or fiber can be used as transmission medium between sender and receiver unit. The transmission of the DVI-D video signal and the keyboard and mouse signal are fully digital. 

Digital DVI KVM Extension over CAT & fiber-optic

Fully digital transmission offers the following advantages:

  • The quality of the transmission is independent from the distance of transmission even at highest resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 pixel at 60 Herz refresh rate
  • Transmission of DDC information of the remote as well as the local display or of a DDC table
  • Supports HID USB (HID = Human Interface Device) to connect touch screens or graphic-tablets

The fiber-optic versions of V-Trans I offer additional advantages:

  • There is a galvanic isolation of sender and receiver unit
  • It is not affected by electromagnetic interferences and can be used in critical environments
  • The transmission is tap-proof

DVI Extender saves space in server racks

Casings /chassis of sender and receiver are made of aluminium. They can be used as desktop devices as well as mounted into standard 19“ server racks. Rack mount kits are available to mount up to 4 units side by side into 1U in the rack. 

Technical data V-Trans I digital DVI KVM extender




Black (RAL 9005)


103 x 143 x 29 mm Singlehead  (BxTxH)

103 x 143 x 42 mm Dualhead     (BxTxH)

Max. distances:

140 m via CAT-X
0,4 km via 50/125 µm Multimode
10 km via 9 /125 µm Singlemode

Interfaces Sender: Input:

1x DVI-D (Digital SingleLink), 2x PS/2 for keyboard, mouse, or USB-HID


Interfaces Receiver:

1x DVI-D (Digital SingleLink), no HDCP, 2x PS/2 for keyboard, mouse, or USB-HID

Transmission Medium:

8-fold CAT-X cabel or

2-fibers with duplex LC connectors

Max. Resolution:

up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz

Color Depth:

18 Bit / 21 Bit


Onboard Flash


90-240 VAC (external power pack)

Ordering Information:

HE-V-TRANS-IPC                     DVI-D, PS/2 Sender + Receiver CAT-X

HE-V-TRANS-IUC                     DVI-D, USB Sender + Receiver CAT-X

HE-V-TRANS-IPS                     DVI-D, PS/2 Sender + Receiver 2 fibers 9µ

HE-V-TRANS-IUS                     DVI-D, USB Sender + Receiver 2 fibers 9µ

-2                                                 optional: DVI-D DualHead-Video

-AS                                               optional: bi-directional audio/serial modul

HE-V-TRANS-I-RMK                 19“ Rack Mount Kit for Sender or Receiver

                                                     to mount 1, 2, 3 or 4 units in 1U


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Ordering info


V-Trans I digital DVI KVM Extender

Combine it with:

V-Switch quad

4 computers on 1 console


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