KVM Extenders CAT

KVM stands for the keyboard, video and mouse signals used by computers. One workstation with one monitor, keyboard and mouse can operate just one computer.

KVM extenders allow KVM signals to be transmitted over long distances between the computer and the workstation.

Extenders that use copper cables (CAT technology) are a cost-effective way of extending the range of KVM signals up to 300 meters. Existing CAT-based structured network cables can be used to transmit KVM signals and require a lower level of investment. The extenders themselves also offer low-cost transmission technology. Maximum resolutions can be transmitted in real time and without compression.

HETEC provides the following KVM Extenders CAT:


V-TRANS Flex: Digital, modular DVI KVM Extender - optional with VGA, USB 2.0, Audio und RS232 transmission

V-TRANS I: Digital DVI-D KVM extender - KVM signals extented via optical fibre OF or CATx

Digitaler DVI-D KVM Extender bis 1920x1200@60, mit PS/2 oder USB für Keyboard/Maus, Verlängerung bis 140m via CATx

CATVision KVM Extender for analog VGA video, USB and PS/2 keyboard/mouse via CATx.

Extender for multiple graphic cards (VGA) together with keyboard/mouse signals via CATx.

extends DVI-signals optionally together with USB 2.0, audio and RS232 via CATx or fiber optic cable

Mehrfach KVM-Extender auf CAT5-Basis für 6 oder 12 PCs

Cat5 KVM-Extender bis zu 50 Meter

Video-, Keyboard- und Mausverlängerung





Zur Steuerung eines Computers aus einer Entfernung von bis zu 110 m durch die Verlängerung der KVM-Konsole

Sicher - Flexibel - Erschwinglich: Verlängern Sie die Distanz!

Zugang zu einer CPU oder mehreren Servern, die an einen KVM-Umschalter angeschlossen sind - von einem entfernten Standort aus.

KVM Extender bis 300 Meter über UTP Kabel in 19“ Rackversion


We are happy to supply you with other KVM Extenders CAT upon request. Let us help you decide which KVM Extenders CAT you need:

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