KVM Extenders FIBER

KVM stands for the keyboard, video and mouse signals used by computers. One workstation with one monitor, keyboard and mouse can operate just one computer.

KVM extenders allow KVM signals to be transmitted over long distances between the computer and the workstation.

Extenders that use fiber-optic cables allow KVM signals to be transmitted across extremely long distances in 100% real time. They offer the best video quality and can transmit resolutions of up to 3840x2560 (dual-link DVI) without compression and without any loss of data. Fiber-optic transmissions are immune to electromagnetic interference and also provide electrical separation, thus avoiding any problems with grounding.

HETEC provides the following KVM Extenders FIBER:


V-TRANS Flex: Digital, modular DVI KVM Extender - optional with VGA, USB 2.0, Audio und RS232 transmission

Digital DVI KVM extender supporting full HD 1080 and 1920x1200, PS/2 or USB, Extension up to 10km

Digitaler DVI-D KVM Extender bis 1920x1200@60, mit USB für Keyboard/Maus, KVM Verlängerung bis 10km oder 400m

KVM-extender-system for up to 4k-UltraHD-resolution

extends DVI + VGA signals via fiber optic cable


We are happy to supply you with other KVM Extenders FIBER upon request. Let us help you decide which KVM Extenders FIBER you need:

info@hetec.de and +49 (0)89 89 43 67 0


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