KVM Switches IP

KVM stands for the keyboard, video and mouse signals used by computers. One workstation with one monitor, keyboard and mouse can operate just one computer.

IP-enabled KVM switches are used to control computers from remote workstations via LAN, WAN, Internet or IP. They make it possible to manage the KVM signals from one or more workstations regardless of their location.

The use of IP-enabled KVM matrix switches means that a number of different users can simultaneously access any connected computer from anywhere in the world. User rights can be defined individually for each user.

HETEC provides the following KVM switches, all of which can be operated via LAN/WAN/IP:


A.I.M. – Managementserver für die ADDERLink Infinity-Matrix

Single-User KVM Switch mit Fernzugriffsfunktion

Raritan Dominion KX und Raritan Dominion KX II ist ein sehr leistungsfähiger KVM über IP / WAN / LAN KVM Switch.

Sichere Remote Out-of-Band Verwaltung mit maximaler Sicherheit und integriertem Powermanagement

Sicherer digitaler KVM-Umschalter

KVM-Matrix-Switch mit integriertem Remote-Access über IP

Bedienung Ihrer Rechner von jedem Ort der Erde aus


We are happy to supply you with other KVM Switches IP upon request. Let us help you decide which KVM Switches IP you need:

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