V-Switch quad II

Multiviewer, Display Splitter, Monitor Splitter, Screen Splitter, KVM Switch & transparent USB 2.0 Matrix

Four computers / videos simultaneously on a single display, monitor, projector or touch screen - with keyboard & mouse control, incl. transparent high-speed USB 2.0 matrix switching.

Multiviewer KVM V-Switch quad II

- up to 1920x1200@60
- USB & PS/2
- transparent USB 2.0
- Touch Screen support


V-Switch quad II is an exclusive combination of a multiviewer, video scaler, video converter, USB 2.0 matrix and KVM switch. V-Switch quad II simultaneously displays four analog or digital computers and video sources on a single screen. In addition, these computers can be controlled with just one keyboard and mouse or touch screen. The integrated transparent high-speed USB 2.0 matrix allows switching USB devices like printers and external memory to all computers. V-Switch quad products feature proven quality made in Germany: V-Switch quad successfully has been installed in thousands of mission critical applications worldwide since 2004.

Multiviewer as Display Splitter, Monitor Splitter, Touch Screen Splitter

Touch Screen Splitter

As a multiviewer V-Switch quad II splits the display in multiple areas and shows all video sources at the same time as multi-image e.g. in Quad mode, Dual mode, as well as various PiP (picture-in-picture) modes. V-Switch quad II multiviewer KVM supports almost any analog or digital display, like a computer monitor, a projector, rear-projection display, and LCD TVs. A special feature of V-Switch quad II is its compatibility with many USB touch screen models. On a touch screen this multiviewer display splitter visualizes multiple sources simultaneously and allows operating the sources comfortably with the touch of your finger. V-Switch quad II supports many USB touch screen models.

Multiviewer KVM with DVI & VGA, HDTV, PS/2 & USB

V-Switch quad II can process analog and digital video signals via DVI-I ports as both inputs and output. This multiviewer KVM display splitter supports various video modes up to 1920x1200, including HDTV resolutions. Additionally, any combination of input and output resolutions can be used. V-Switch quad II also permits configuration of the EDIDs at the input ports. Computers with PS/2 and USB keyboard and mouse can be connected to this multiviewer KVM switch.

Display Splitter KVM Switch with transparent USB 2.0 Matrix

Transparent High-Speed USB 2.0 Matrix

V-Switch quad II features a transparent high-speed USB 2.0 matrix to switch USB devices like finger printers, memory sticks, and webcams to computers connected. For intelligent and failsave switching, V-Switch quad II offers three options: The switching can be performed automatically together with the active channel (on of the four input sources) or manually with and without warning. For example, a single finger printer can be used to log in on all computers connected to this multiviewer KVM switch. Data can be copied from one computer connected to V-Switch quad II to the other without being networked – just via memory stick connected to one of the four USB 2.0 ports on the rear panel of V-Switch quad II.

Multiviewer KVM Display Splitter with Return on Investment

Display Splitter

Using this multiviewer KVM switch, space and cost of three displays / monitors, three keyboards, and three mice can be saved! If there are many computer sources to be administrated, the use of multiple V-Switch quad II display splitter saves a vast amount of space and multiple workspaces. This foto shows an example of a monitor splitter installation at a broadcast studio producing New Media Products such as MMS, SMS, and Webstreaming. 28 Encode servers are displayed on just 7 displays at the same time and can immediately be accessed and operated with a single keyboard and mouse at the operator´s position.

Display Splitter to improve overview

V-Switch quad II Display Splitter KVM Switch allows administrating more computers on less space compared to setups where there are no multiviewers installed. The total image surface to be monitored is smaller and thus easier to manage. This Multiviewer display splitter improves overview of all sources to be monitored. Therefor reaction time can be reduced using this quadKVM switch.

Multiviewer KVM Switch supporting most computer types

V-Switch quad II is a combination of a multiviewer and a High-End KVM switch. As KVM switch it features connectivity for notebooks, Mac computers, SUN with USB, PCs, and many more. It supports almost all types of computers and operating systems, analog and digital video, USB and PS/2 for keyboard and mouse.

Plug&Play Hardware Multi View KVM Switch ready to go

V-Switch quad II

To the Multi-Image Display KVM Switch V-Switch quad II all sources / computers, a display, keyboard & mouse, and USB 2.0 peripherals can directly be connected using the cables supplied. No software installation is required!

Failsafe Hardware Multiviewer since 2004

V-Switch quad II is a hardware multiviewer. It is delivered ready to use. This hardware is a closed system. Lean firmware that has exclusively been developped for this purpose conrols the hardware components. V-Switch quad II works independently from operating systems and works failsafe. Therefor this Quad View Switch is used in mission critical 24/7 applications.
Failsafe hardware since 2004: The product family “V-Switch quad” has successfully been installed in thousands of mission critical 24/7 applications worldwide since 2004. Thousands of customers and partners around the world trust in HETEC hardware quality made in Germany!

V-Switch quad II Multi-Image Display Modes

Up to four computers can be connected directly to one V-Switch quad II multiviewer and controlled in numerous multi-image display modes (when cascading V-Switch quad II units, more than 4 sources can be connected and displayed on the multi-image display simultaneously, e.g. 16 video sources):

Multi-Image Display Modes

Display Splitter in Quad Mode

In Quad mode, the display splitter splits the screen into four fields of equal size. Each field displays the entire screen content of a video source or computer. Keyboard and mouse operation can be selected to the field of the corresponding computer.

Screen Splitter in Picture in Picture Mode (PiP Mode)

Picture-in-Picture Multi-Image Display Splitter

When the PiP (Picture in Picture) function is activated, up to all three other video sources are displayed on the right-hand side of the full-screen image as thumbnails, allowing them to be monitored simultaneously. The Screen Splitter allows customizing size, position and selection of these thumbnails. In Triple Tile mode, the multi-image screen splitter automatically resizes the active channel and the PiPs to display all channels as large as possible without overlap.

Monitor Splitter in Dual Mode

In Dual mode, the Screen Splitter displays the left halves of the fullscreen images from two video sources side by side at full size. This allows e.g. to read  even small written text in full resolution and brilliant quality in each of the left halves. 

V-Switch quad II Multiviewer KVM in Full-Screen Mode

In Fullscreen mode, one of the four video sources is shown at full screen size and maximum resolution. Keyboard and mouse operation automatically switchs to the corresponding computer.

Operating the Multiviewer KVM Switch - 6 Options

There are six different ways of switching between video channels, display modes, as well as configuration and settings of the multiviewer KVM switch via On Screen Display (OSD):

  1. Using the buttons on the front of the unit
  2. Using configurable hotkeys
  3. Using the unit’s external configuration program on a remote computer
  4. Via a serial port using the protocol DCP XML
  5. Using mouse functions (Hotmouse)
  6. Using a touch screen

Hotmouse Function of V-Switch quad II

The Hotmouse function of V-Switch quad II is a comfortable and intuitive option to switch display modes, activate channels, or perform system settings - similarly to using short keyboard commands (hotkeys). Hotmouse works with almost any mouse or track ball. Hotmouse function is activated by giving the mouse or track ball a horizontal shake. When activated, it allows accessing all computers connected, resizing PiPs, and navigating the Hotmouse Menu e.g. to change display modes. With Hotmouse function, this multiviewer KVM switch is used in environments, where keyboards are not used e.g. because there is a lack of space or for hygienic reasons. Hotmouse function is a unique utility developed by HETEC.

Multiviewer KVM via Serial Control, Remote Access, Touch Screen

V-Switch quad II multiviewer KVM switch supports external serial control via DCP-XML protocol. Combined with KVM over IP extenders, V-Switch quad II enables location-independent remote control of the attached KVM devices. V-Switch quad II is compatible with many USB touch screen models. While showing all sources simultaneously on the screen, they can be controlled with the touch of a finger.

Applications of the Display Splitter KVM Switch V-Switch quad II

V-Switch quad II is used as exclusive combination of a display splitter and a KVM switch in mission critical 24/7 applications worldwide. Areas of application include monitoring systems, process control centers, server rooms, medical industries, broadcasting, production and automation, aircraft and vehicles. In combination with projectors, V-Switch quad II is also used in presentations and conference rooms. To display more than four sources simultaneously on a single screen, V-Switch quad II can be cascaded.

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