Multiviewers are screen splitters. Multiple video sources or computer sources are connected to the input ports of the multiviewer. The multiviewer compiles these input sources to a new multi-image. On the display, image areas can be shown as quadrants, picture-in-picture, side by side as dual mode, or even overlapping each other. A multiviewer splits the display in multiple areas. A multiviewer therefor also is called display splitter, monitor splitter, or screen splitter. There are three types of multiviewers: multiviewer hardware, multi viewer server, and multi view software incl. multi-image camera software.

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HETEC offers the following multiviewers:

Der V-Switch quad XP stellt die Videosignale von vier analogen oder digitalen Rechner- bzw. Videoquellen gleichzeitig auf einem Bildschirm dar. Jedes eingespeiste Videosignal kann in beliebiger Größe und Position auf dem Bildschirm angeordnet werden. Eine leistungsfähige Echtzeit-Signalverarbeitung ermöglicht die flüssige Wiedergabe der Bildinhalte in ausgezeichneter Qualität.

Four computer, server, videos, sources simultaneously on one single display, monitor, LCD screen, projector, touch with keyboard and mouse control - DVI, VGA, USB, PS/2, all resolutions up to 1920x1200 incl. HD 1080 p, touch screen support, transparent USB 2.0

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