Signal Extenders

Signal extenders allow USB, RS 232, or audio signals to be transmitted over long distances. A variety of transmission media can be used to do this, depending on the distance, desired data rate, transmission speed, and working environment involved: fiber-optic cables, internet/WAN/LAN (IP), or copper cables (CAT).



HETEC provides the following Signal Extenders:


extends RS232 signals via CATx cable up to 400m.

extends analog audio signals via CATx cable up to 200m.

extends FireWire signals via fiber optic cable up to 500m.

extends USB-signals (USB 2.0/USB 3.0) via CATx or fiber optic cable.


We are happy to supply you with other Signal Extenders upon request. Let us help you decide which Signal Extenders you need: and +49 (0)89 89 43 67 0


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