Video Wall Controller
Video Wall Controller Hardware & Video Wall Management Software

Enlarge video across multiple displays in a video wall by using video wall controller hardware. As pure hardware, our video wall controller models are robust and made for 24/7 applications. To the inputs of a video wall controller all video sources are connected. The displays are connected to the outputs of the video wall controller. Using standard video cables, an easy, direct connection is possible between sources, video wall controller, and displays / video wall. All displays are supported such as monitors, projectors, LCD TVs, rear projection cubes, and more. Video wall management software is used to configure the video wall controller hardware and to operate it live.

Video Wall Controller for Matrix Video Walls

We manufacture video wall controller for standard matrix video wall setups such as 2x2, 3x3, 4x3 video walls. Such video wall layouts are commonly used for monitoring purposes in control rooms.

Video Wall Controller for eye-catching Video Wall Designs

In addition, we manufacture exclusive video wall controller for eye-catching video wall layouts and art-like video wall designs. Such video wall layouts are used at e.g. stages, exhibitions, clubs, studios, museums, shows, and digital signage. 

The video wall controller and the video wall quickly are installed.
The configuration software offers intuitive operation.

HETEC provides the following video wall controller:

VWC-C4: compact videowall controller for up to 4 displays, high flexibility for presentable designs

VMatch C4: compact videowall controller for up to 4 displays, high flexibility for presentable designs

V-Match C9: Kompakter Videowand Controller für bis zu 9 Displays mit hoher Flexibilität für representative Videowände

V-MultiControl: Control system for video wall, workstations, displays, consoles, KVM, sources

Video enlarged across multiple displays – facilitating entirely new display configurations

Feel free contacting us for further information on video walls and video wall controller. We are happy to supply you with other video wall solutions upon request. Let us help you decide which video wall controller you need: and +49 (0)89 89 43 67 0

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