V-Match C9

Video Wall Controller Hardware for Eye-Catching Video Walls, incl. Video Wall Controller Management Software

V-Match C9 is a modular video wall controller system for up to 9 displays per module. In addition to standard video wall layouts, it also allows creating individually shaped video wall designs.

This photo image shows two video walls: one video wall with 9 displays in 3x3 matrix wall and one video wall with 9 different displays put together to form an exclusive video wall design, realized by the HETEC V-Match C9 Video Wall Controller

Video Wall Controller V-Match C9

- DVI, HDMI, VGA, S-Video, CVBS, YPbPr
- up to 1920x1200
- real time
- mix different displays within a setup
- absolutely free positioning of displays
- Picture-in-Picture, Picture-aside-Picture
- preset switching for video effects
- create unique, eye-catching videowall designs 

Flexible and adaptable Video Wall Controller hardware

This image photo shows the video wall controller hardware front and rear panel to control video wall and display wall designs

Video Wall Controller C9 hardware

As a modular video wall controller system, V-Match C9 is easily extensible. Each V-Match C9 module controls up to 9 displays of any type, size, and resolution. The number of displays in a video wall can be increased at any time by connecting additional V-Match C9 units. The hardware features two independent input ports for connecting a digital and several analog video sources. As a pure hardware solution V-Match C9 offers the advantages of easy, fast setup and great stability. No software installation on sources is required.

Video Wall Controller Processor hardware

V-Match C9 video wall controller is the "black box" in between whatever sources and whatever displays to connect. At all outputs, digital displays of any model and from any manufacturer as well as in any combination are supported as long as they feature VESA standard resolutions. To the inputs of V-Match C9 video wall processor any source can be connected, like DVD players, computers, LIVE cameras, media servers, video mixers, show controller, and more. This pure hardware video wall controller feeds the video through the box LIVE to all displays. Of the full input image it just cuts out the partial image for each display. All partial images together form the entire large screen video wall.

Video Wall Controller for distortion-free display on the video wall

When enlarging a video signal across several screens, gaps between displays are correctly compensated for, preventing jumps in the output image and providing a natural, distortion-free viewing experience on the video wall. Displays can be positioned and combined with great flexibility to create an exclusive video wall design.

Video Wall Controller for DVI, HDMI, VGA, Component, CVBS, S-Video

The video wall controller V-Match C9 supports a great number of video modes, including HDTV resolutions, as both input and output. Both analog and digital signals are accepted and output digitally in 100% real time, permitting display of live cameras, animated content, or movies. Video signals can be interlaced as well as progressive. A digital and several analog video sources can be connected.

Display modes on the video wall: PiP, PaP, Full Screen

This image shows a display wall controller with Picture aside Picture and Full screen images on the display wall

Display Wall Controller V-Match C9 - 2 sources: PaP, Fullscreen & Zoom

Out of all sources connected to the video wall controller, two input sources can be shown as full image on each display as well as enlarged across clusters or across all displays in the video wall. Picture-in-Picture and Picture-aside-Picture allow simultaneous visualization of two video sources on the video wall. While PiP has fixed image positions, PaP features free positioning and scaling of both videos.

Video Wall Controller setup

To setup and calibrate the V-Match C9 video wall controller, a PC with the V-Match C9 Control software is connected via RS232/485. In combination with a Serial over IP extender, video walls can be configured from any remote location.

Operating the video wall controller & preset switching

Using the video wall controller V-Match C9, presets can be configured and activated for switching video effects on the video wall. Presets can show a different combination of video sources on the display wall, video sources at any zoom factor, full images on single displays in the video wall, and free scaling of size and position of PiP or PaP. Presets are configured using the V-Match C9 Control software installed on a PC connected to the video wall controller hardware. Once configured, presets are saved to the hardware. They can be switched and activated using the V-Match C9 Control software, external serial control devices, or simply the 4 front panel buttons on the video wall controller hardware.

Applications of the Video Wall Controller V-Match C9

The video wall controller V-Match C9 has a wide range of possible applications, including digital signage, foyers, museums, TV studios, stages, clubs, and presentations at fairs and exhibitions.

V-Match C9 Video Wall installation example

PLAY video (wmv 8MB)

Technical Data of V-Match C9 Video Wall Controller


stainless steel, powder coated,

dimensions: 550 x 440 x 88 mm (WxDxH)

color: black, 2U rack mountable



- 1 x DVI-I (analog and digital), plus Y-adapter cable to connect a VGA and a DVI-D signal; to the VGA part of this Y-cable, another adapter allows connecting Component (CVBS)

- 1 x video, plus adapter to connect Composite or S-Video

out of these inputs sources, 2 can be shown simultaneously on the video wall


output: 9 x DVI-D (digital only!)

Input and output resolutions:

up to 1600 x 1200 @ 60 Hz (VGA)
up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz (DVI), reduced blanking also supported, interlaced & non-interlaced/progressive
HDTV modes supported up to 1080p

Power supply:

internal AC adapter, 100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:

max. 60 watts

Operating temperature:

0° to 40°C

Storage temperature:

-20° to 60°C

Relative humidity:

20 to 90% non-condensing


8,1 kg



Ordering information

this image shows the display wall processor V-Match C9 with two sources as PiP Picture in Picture on the video wall

Display Wall Processor C9 Picture-in-Picture PiP

This image shows the video wall processor V-Match C9 with two sources as picture aside picture PaP on a video wall design

Video Wall Processor C9 Picture-aside-Picture PaP

LCD Video Wall

with 12 LCD Displays & 2 V-Match C9 video wall controller

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