Video Extenders

Video extenders increase the range of video signals to cover long distances. A variety of transmission media can be used to do this, depending on the distance, desired video quality, transmission speed, video resolution, and working environment involved: fiber-optic cables, Internet/WAN/LAN (IP), or copper cables (CAT).

Extend your video signals to cover long distances in brilliant quality. Even the highest of resolutions of up to 3840x2560 (dual-link DVI) can be transmitted in 100% real time without compression. 

HETEC provides the following Video Extenders:


V-IP III VL ermöglicht einen schnellen, zuverlässigen und sicheren Fernzugriff auf Ihre Rechner über Internet, LAN oder WAN.


We are happy to supply you with other Video Extenders upon request. Let us help you decide which Video Extenders you need: and +49 (0)89 89 43 67 0


Video Extender LIVE!

V-Trans 3X Video Extender

Dual Link DVI Extender

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