Product Categories of HETEC

Split your display in multiple areas to show various videos or computer sources simultaneously on a single display

Operate computers from one or more workstations

Control a number of computers from a single workstation

Work on a number of computers simultaneously from a number of workstations

Operate a switch together with the connected computers and their keyboards, videos, and mice via LAN/WAN/Internet

Extend keyboard, video, and mouse signals

Transmit keyboard, video, and mouse signals up to 300 meters via CAT cables

Transmit keyboard, video, and mouse signals via LAN/WAN/Internet – worldwide access regardless of location

Extend keyboard, video, and mouse signals up to 10,000 meters via fiber-optic cables

Operate KVM devices such as computers and switches using compact foldaway or slide-in consoles with display, keyboard, and mouse

Operate a large number of computers and other KVM devices via IP from any location, anywhere in the world – with convenient, centralized management.

Display magnified videos, extend video signals, split videos, etc.

Extend top-quality video signals over long distances

Split video signals and send the same video to a number of devices.

Freely switch any input source to any output / display / console

Präsentations- und Kooperationssystem

Enlarge video across multiple displays in a video wall

Extend signals such as USB and RS232 data over long distances

Convert keyboard, video, and mouse signals to render them compatible with other products.

Möbel und ergonomische Raumausstattung für Leitstand, Leitstelle, Kontrollraum, Leitwarte und Rechenzentrum

Control power supplies over WAN/LAN/internet from any location, anywhere in the world

Display video on a variety of output media, such as monitors, beamers, rear-projection screens, etc.

Multimediale Schulungssysteme

Digital displays and advertising space

Useful add-on products

Additional products


V-Match Video Wall Controller

This image shows a photo of the V-Match video wall controller with two video walls, one with 3 displays and the other one with 4 displays.


digital DVI KVM Extender Fiber & CAT


digital DVI KVM Matrix


Dual Link DVI KVM Extender


VGA over IP Extender

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