Use video as a design element to draw attention to your media content or optimize workplace efficiency with brilliant image quality and maximum resolution. Magnify your videos, split them, or transmit them in brilliant quality over long distances.

HETEC provides the following video management products:


Video enlarged across multiple displays – facilitating entirely new display configurations

Four videos displayed on a single screen – in quad mode and numerous PiP modes

V-MultiControl: Control system for video wall, workstations, displays, consoles, KVM, sources

V-IP III VL ermöglicht einen schnellen, zuverlässigen und sicheren Fernzugriff auf Ihre Rechner über Internet, LAN oder WAN.

Digital DVI-D Crosspoint switch for 4x4, 8x8, 16x16 or 32x32 inputs/outputs.

Übertragen Sie eine einzige A/V Quelle an Hunderte entfernt liegende Displaystationen

Übertragung hochauflösender Computervideobilder über CAT5-Kabel in Echtzeit an mehrere Displaystationen

Active multiplier for analog or digital video signals interfaces.

Matrix Switch for 8x8, 8x4, 4x8 or 4x4 inputs/outputs. Cable equalizers on each input enable usage of cable length up to 35m.


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V-Match video wall

Create unique video wall designs

V-Switch quad 4 videos on 1 display

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